blog: a person's own web page.
bookmark: a site you save.

 On Google Chrome, click the gold start to bookmark a site.

 On Firefox, click the grey star to bookmark a site.

browser: a free program you use to "travel" or "surf" the internet.

click: push down on your computer mouse or on the touch pad.


cursor: the little black arrow on your computer screen. 

download: to get a program from the internet on your computer. Some downloads are free. Some you pay for.

e-commerce: buying and selling things on the internet.

e-mail: A program to send letters from one computer to another.

FAQ: Frequently (often) Asked Questions

flash: a small machine to let you take things from one computer and put them on another computer. [see photo above]

internet: a system to connect computers around the world to each other and to information.
link: a web page.

loading: a page on the internet is opening slowly. You say, "Wait please, the page is loading."

log in (sign in): information you give some websites to use them. 
1) Type your name and password.
2) Click "sign in".
3) If you do not know your password, click "forgot password".

online: you are using the internet. You are on the internet.

password: a secret word you choose and use to open up some sites on the internet.


register: the information you give a web site so you can use the site.

search: to use a "search program" (Google or Yahoo) to look up information. Click HERE to use Google search.


texting: typing and sending a short message by computer or cell phone.

URL: Every internet page has an address. The address is called a URL. Here is the URL for this web site:

website: a website is a place on the internet that has information for you to use. You are using a website now.


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