to BE

                           I                   you                          he / she           we           they

I am Sasha.

<                                     •                              >
 I was 5.                              I am 6.                      I will be 7.
was happy.                      I am happy.               I will be happy.
was fishing.                     I am fishing.             I will be fishing.

< LAST YEAR (2016 ... "past")                
                        I was                                                       
                        you were                                            
                        he/she was                                        
                        we were                                              
                        they were

v THIS YEAR (2017 ... "present")
                        I am
                        you are
                        he/she is
                        we are
                        they are

NEXT YEAR (2018 ... "future") >
                        I will be
                        you will be
                        he/she will be
                        we will be
                        they will be

She is grandmother.

<                                     •                              >
was strong.                 She is strong.           She will be strong.
was kind.                    She is kind.              She will be kind.
was working.              She is working.       She will be working. 

They are girls.

<                                     •                              >
 They were happy.             They are happy.       They will be happy.
were friends.           They are friends.      They will be friends.
were talking.           They are talking.      They will be talking.




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