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green apples
I want 3 apples, please.

one yellow banana
The little girl has a banana.


green beans
Americans like green beans.

one box of blueberries
Blueberries are good, but expensive!


fresh bread
Would you like a piece of bread?  


green broccoli
I want 1 head of broccoli, please.

orange carrots
Do you like carrots?


a bowl of cereal
Americans eat cereal at breakfast.


a bowl of cherries


hot black coffee
I like coffee with milk and sugar.

sweet cookies


brown crackers
Do you want crackers and cheese?


green cucumbers

 sugar donuts



fresh eggs
Do you want fried eggs or scrambled eggs?


fried egg


scrambled egg
I want 2 scrambled eggs, please. 


seven (7) grilled fish
What is for dinner? We are having grilled fish.

white garlic
These are called garlic cloves.




grapefruit and pomegranates


green onion and red tomatoes
Tomatoes, onions and lettuce make a salad.


three hamburgers
Do you want tomato on your hamburger?


yellow lemons
People drink lemonade in the summer.


fresh lettuce
Lettuce and tomatoes are easy to grow.


orange mandarins
Mandarins are small and sweet.


Meat is expensive.


I love mushroom soup. 


red onion
Do you want me to cut up the onion?

Oranges are bigger than mandarins.



green peas


three red pears
Pears are also green.


peppers (sweet) Do you like hot peppers?

two pineapple
Today I will buy a pineapple at the market.


This pizza has pepperoni and black olives.

Americans like mashed potatoes.

orange pumpkins
Children love to carve pumpkins.


Here is a carved pumpkin.

Americans eat sandwiches for lunch.


fresh strawberries
My sister loves strawberry ice cream!


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