Question words

1. WHO?
Who is it?  It is mother.
Who is it?  It is father.
Who is it?  It is son.
Who is it?  It is grandfather.

Where is grandmother?  (Taking the photo.)


Where is the tree? Here is the tree. Where are the blossoms? Here are the blossoms. Where are the leaves? Here are the leaves. 
Where is the sky? There is the sky. Where is sun? There the sun.
| here |
             >       >      >       >        >       >        >        > there
3. HOW?
                         How are you?  
                         I am fine, thank you. How nice to see you. 
                         It is nice to see you. How long will you be visiting?  
                         Three days.

4. WHAT?!

What did you say?  

What did she say?  

What did he say?  

What did they say?  

How funny!

Artist: Norman Rockwell (public domain)
Our new house ............... Our new neighbors

1. her cat  2. her brother  3. our lamp  4. our chair  5. his hat  6. her brothers  7. her shoes  8. our dog

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