Meeting and greeting neighbors

    The simple conversations below are to help newcomers feel they can respond even a little to the friendliness of neighbors or strangers they pass on the street. There are several variations in each conversation, to help learners realize there is more than one phrase they might hear in a conversation.

Hello! How are you?


Hello. My name is ______.  What is your name?

Hello, my name is _____.


It's nice to meet you.
Where are you from?

It's nice to meet you, too.
I am from __________.


How long have you been here?
How long have you been in America?

I have been here ____ weeks.
I have been here ____ months.
I have been here about a year. 

I hope you are happy here.
Good luck to you!

Thank you very much.
Have a nice day.


Family:  father and mother, sister and brother

Do you have any family here with you?


Yes, my husband, son and daughter-in-law. 

I also have a son and daughter-in-law.
And I have 2 grandchildren.  Do you have grandchildren?

Yes, I have a grandson and a granddaughter.


Are they in school?

No, they are too little for school.

* * * 
Ways to begin a conversation.
1) Hello! It's nice to see you.
2) Hello! How are you?
3) Hello! How have you been?

Next things you can say.

1) It's a beautiful day today.
2) I'm glad to see you again.
3) How is your family?

Ways to end a conversation .

1) Take care!
2) Have a good day.
3) It was nice talking to you.

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